Rental of growing and harvesting equipment

Can’t or don’t want to invest in expensive technology? Then borrow it! We rent professional equipment for growing and harvesting medicinal and CBD cannabis – presses, trimmers, centrifuges.

Professional technology for growing and harvesting

Grow and harvest easily and efficiently with professional technology. We are currently happy to lend you:

MT DRY 800 for dry trim

The MT DRY 800 is the premium trimmer with the largest dry trimming capacity on the market. Handles up to 45 kg of dry material in 1 hour.

Trimmer MT Tumbler 200 for dry and wet trim

Rent a premium trimmer that can handle up to 12,000 cuts per minute. Easy to transport, quick to fold and unfold.

Trimmer MT Bucker 200 for wet and dry trimming

Thanks to its 3 heads, the top-quality stem remover can separate large quantities of flowers from fresh, recently harvested branches and even dried herbs.

Qnubu Rosin Press hydraulic press 20 tons

Hydraulic press that uses heating technology. Resin extraction is up to 80% more efficient and material contamination is minimal.

PAR/PPFD meter MQ-500 from Apogee Instruments

Professional LED light efficiency meter with 2 measurement modes: manual and protocol. Equipped with LCD display and external probe. Allows data output to a computer.