Terms of cooperation

Do you want to become our customer, buy at wholesale prices and use our services? We will be happy to establish B2B cooperation with any business company that is duly registered in the Czech Republic or abroad that meets our conditions.

Growshops and grow shops

You have your own brick-and-mortar shop or a registered and functional e-shop domain. By the way, we offer dropshipping to e-shops.

CBD and medical cannabis growers

You already have an existing cultivation facility and grow legal or medical cannabis varieties. We can help you build a turnkey CBD and medical cannabis cultivation facility.

Growers of microgreens, herbs and aquaponic farms

Do you have an existing growing space or a specific business plan? Then take a look at the product catalogue for our wholesale partners.

Universities and research institutes

We also cooperate with universities and other scientific and research institutions.

Do you not meet the conditions or are you just starting a company?

Even in such a case we will be happy to help and accommodate you. If your business does not exist yet, but will be established in about 3 months, get in touch: we will be happy to advise you on hydroponics, outdoor and indoor growing and help you get your business up and running smoothly.

Everything for indoor and outdoor growing for end customers

Not looking for B2B cooperation but want to buy just for yourself? Check out our e-shop www.growmarket.cz or just drop by our shop.