Self-watering system AutoPot’s Easy2grow is one of the easiest systems to use and, thanks to the AQUAvalve can be left completely unattended for weeks. The Easy2Grow system does not need any pumps, timers or electricity to function, it is sufficient with gravitational pressure.

The Easy2Grow system provides a fully automatic water and nutrient supply, with built-in wet and dry cycles to mimic natural systems. This way, owners of much-cared-for plants can go away for a weekend or holiday in peace and be sure that their plants will be well cared for.

The Easy2Grow system is modular and can be expanded at any time in the future using Easy2grow Extension Kit to unlimited size. This allows it to cover the needs of small home growing but also large commercial applications.

Why use the Easy2Grow Irrigation System?

The ideal substrate for use in AutoPot systems is a mixture of 50% perlite or expanded clay mixed with 50% soil, coconut substrate or Grodan-Rockwool. When using expanded clay, it is necessary to rinse the clay pebbles with water, as some types of expanded clay are not pH stable and increase the pH of the water in the bowl, thus negatively affecting plant growth.

The package contains: