Bio Terra Plus

The CANNAResearch laboratory has celebrated its success in developing a certified and organic soil that meets international standards. Bio Terra Plus is made from 100% natural materials and as such can also be used for organic cultivation. Bio Terra Plus is made from the finest quality peat, which also contains premium diatomaceous earth. The airy structure of diatomaceous earth is enriched with shredded tree bark, which has natural anti-fungal properties. Bio Terra Plus is fortified with certified organic ingredients such as bone meal, bat guano and many other trace elements of natural origin.

Quality raw materials

Quality peat

The peat used is of the highest quality that can be used and is only found in a few places in the world. The long fibres in the structure of the BIO TERRA PLUS peat are much lighter than the cheaper versions. The lightness of the peat is a huge advantage for the plant.


The bark we use has a special characteristic. Poor quality bark can often be the cause of unwanted mould. The one used in BIO TERRA PLUS has anti-fouling properties!

Quality coconut

BIO TERRA PLUS also uses coconut fibres, in fact the best coconut: CANNA COCO. The certified balanced biological fertiliser, enriched with soil bacteria, creates a beneficial symbiosis: this results in fewer disease outbreaks, better release and absorption of nutrients and better plant development.

Self-regulating effect with gradual release

BIO TERRA PLUS is a fertilized soil. The amount of use of this soil fertiliser depends on the amount of nutrients applied. BIO TERRA PLUS regulates this automatically. So, if you apply a small amount of nutrients, more fertiliser is used, and conversely, if you apply a large amount of nutrients, less fertiliser is used. The fertiliser remains in the soil even when it is not directly needed, the soil will store the fertiliser for when it is needed. Self-regulation does not depend on added water, but depends on the temperature of the climate.

Gradual release: for plants, the decomposable process gradually releases the fertiliser from the organic components (molecules). This process will decrease more slowly if extra nutrients are used directly, consumed by the soil and vice versa.

Easy to use!

Because of the self-regulation and the gradual release effect, it is quite difficult to make a gross mistake when fertilizing!

The soil has the possibility to adjust the fertilization plan if necessary.