The 1Pot XL System is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of plant species and sizes. 

1x 47ltr tank, cap and 6 mm cylinder grommets 
1x 6mm golf filter 
1x 6mm cross connector 
2x 1Pot XL trays and lids 
2x 25ltr pot 
2x 6mm inline tap 
2x AQUAvalve 
1x 2 meters of 6mm pipe 
2x root control disk

It can be easily expanded by connecting several pots to one tank. 
All 1Pot modules come with 25 litre pot. This allows you to grow even large plant specimens. 

Among the self-watering systems, the AutoPot is undoubtedly one of the easiest to use and, thanks to the AQUAvalve function, can be left unattended for weeks. 

AutoPot irrigation systems do not require electricity, timers or pumps; gravity pressure from a garden barrel or tank is sufficient. From the greenhouse in your garden to large-scale commercial greenhouses,
AutoPot will provide every grower, regardless of his/her ability, with a small or large system that will far exceed his/her expectations.

 All AutoPot Irrigation Systems are supplied with an AQUAvalve. When connected to a water source, the AQUAvalve will regulate the water supply to the plants by gravity alone from a tank or garden barrel, without the need for pumps, mains pressure, electricity or timers.
Once connected to the tank, the AQUAvalve opens and allows the bowl to fill with water to the preset level of 20 mm. Until all the water in the bowl is consumed, the AQUAvalve will not allow the bowl to be refilled. This allows the plant to go through a wet and dry cycle. After the plants have used up all the water, the AQUAvalve valve opens again and the water in the bowl is refilled. The AQUAvalve is a simple but very effective irrigation device that requires careful handling. Keep the AQUAvalve and the bowl in which it is placed clean and free from obstructions permeability and soil particles.

In this way, you ensure that your plants are irrigated and supplied with nutrients for many years.
Why use our irrigation systems?
 No more daily watering, this system can be left unattended for weeks.
 ■None of our systems require electricity, pumps or timers to operate.
 ■The gravitational pressure of a tank or garden barrel is sufficient.
 ■One of the most water-efficient irrigation systems in the world.
 ■They can be used to grow  any kind of plant, for food and decorative purposes.
 ■Adaptable and easily and quickly  expandable.
 ■Environmentally friendly  environment.
How easy can it be?
 ■Without system size limitations.
 ■Without water/fertiliser recirculation.
 ■Extremely low maintenance.
 No need to constantly monitor pH or Ec.
 It is not necessary to drain and fill the tanks all the time.
 ■It does not need to be rinsed as there is no fertiliser build-up.
 Thanks to AutoPot,  is as easy as it gets… less work, higher yields.
There is no limit to the size of the growing system. It’s just a question of
adding more bowls and larger tanks.
Recommended substrates:
– Mixture of soil and perlite – 50/50

– Mixture of soil and expanded clay – 50/50

– Mixture of coir and perlite – 50/50

– Mixture of coir and expanded clay – 50/50

– Mixed mineral wool and expanded clay – 50/50

Important Notice:
It must be a ceramsite that does not affect the pH. Keep in mind that some types of expanded clay are NOT pH stable and increase the pH of the water in the bowl, thus negatively affecting plant growth.
– Always use good quality soil or substrate
– Whichever substrate you decide to use, make sure it is light and airy.
– All AutoPot irrigation systems are extremely versatile and can be used with the medium/substrate of your choice.

Whether you grow in soil, coir substrate or hydroponically, our systems exceed all expectations.
AutoPot offers a wide range of accessories for its products, allowing you to create all types of systems and assemblies.


In 16 mm and 6 mm sizes we offer fittings, filters, sealing grommets for storage tanks, taps, hoses… everything you need to build a comprehensive system.
Place the tank at least 150 mm above the highest valve of the AQUAvalve and if the solution level in the tank drops to

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